August, 2018

Training Tour Photography Reveal


Hello Friend!
Cassia Karin, of Cassia Karin Photography here! And I am here to give you a HUGE “Thank you!” for being a part of our Photographer’s Training Tour, July, 2018. 

We were able to swoop into your lives, and capture some of the most beautiful images and moments of this time of your life. Guys, time is flashing past us! But we’ve got you! We are so excited to be your photographers to capture moments like those. And we are going to show them to you now! So sit back, in a moment of delight, and look at just this tiny previews of some of the shots that I got at your shoot. 

These are precious! These are beautiful! What a story these shots tell! They just shout: “I love my family!” “I love my life!” “I am thankful,” “I am grateful,” and “I am motivated.”
So here’s what we want to do with that. We want to get these photos into your life in a real way, a tangible way, an everyday-looking-at-them-on-your-walls sort of way! That is the purpose of what we have done here. 

These are dynamic, emotional images, they are story-tellers. And this is an important story to tell! You’re telling your kids how much you love them by putting these up, you’re telling your spouse “Never forget how I have held you in the past, and I will continue to hold you that way.” This is your story, and it’s you artwork - combined. These are heirloom pieces, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to seal this time of your life with your loved ones in a beautiful way. That is what is important to us. That is why we are going to print them for you, you’re going to take them home, and they’re going to be yours. Let’s get started!

There’s one way to get Cassia Karin’s Images on your walls… We invite you to our home!

So My Friends, Tommy and I would like to personally invite you to our home. We’d like to have some dinner and wine with you, because that is what we love to do, and we’d like to extend that hospitality to you. After dinner we will take you through the images that I personally photographed at your session. We’ll walk you through your favorites, we’ll help you select the ones that will fit your home right, and then we will take you by the hand and walk you through sizing, print options, album ideas, and we’ll get that order placed right after dinner. 

Now this is a One Time Order Opportunity. Then we want to put these images into your hands. 

We just don’t want you to get these beautiful images and look at them from time to time like this: [Imagine someone] flipping through that tiny screen, pulling out that phone in the dreaded way like, “I know they were in here somewhere!” No, no, no! We want you to remember and look at your photos every day in a beautiful way! More like this: [Screen shows a lovely printed canvas of a bride and groom placed on a bedroom wall, followed by Cassia Karin sitting comfortably on her round reading chair happily flipping through a large personal photo album in a living room].

We are different than other photographers. Let me tell you: it is easy to “Shoot, and burn.” Take the photo; pass them off. But then that leaves you short! Then you have to decide, “Where do I print these?”, “Is it going to be good color?” “How’s it gonna look?” “How do I choose which size?” “Which photos look good together?” “Should I put an album together?” Ugh! It’s too much work! We’re the professionals, we believe that is our job, so let us take that opportunity to walk you through that difficult process! It won’t take long, we have made it simple and easy, and we want to give that to you. 

So come to our home, enjoy a little bit of wine, and we would be glad to host you for an evening of your Design Consultation. 

Cassia Karin Photography